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Brand Identity

What Does Your Brand Identity Tell Your Audience About You?

A picture paints a thousand words, but are those words an accurate representation of what your brand and business stands for? 

Design and branding is an integral part of any business — especially in today’s highly visual era. If you want to win your audience’s minds and hearts, you first need to win their eyes.

At Key Concepts Marketing, that is exactly what we do.

We help you shape your business’ brand identity through various design elements, so you can positively shape your audiences’ opinions and reactions.

Design & Branding

Keeping It Consistent

Your branding should be what speaks for your business. Great branding is more than just one logo. 

It’s a collection of all your marketing materials and designs, all created based on a unifying identity — one that aptly communicates your values and your attitude. It is tied to the message you want to send, as well as what you want your audience to feel.

Your brand identity and design is a reflection of your company’s personality. As such, it needs to be consistent. Businesses that maintain their brand identity consistently are the ones that can better strengthen their credibility and hold their place in the audience’s minds.

Once your designs and the attitude behind your message are approved, we’ll store them for you and adapt them as you need them.

What We Can Do for You

Key Concepts Marketing is a team of marketers and creatives, all of whom have not just the skills and knowledge but the experience to back up all our promises.

We are a collaborative and multidisciplinary team. We don’t just make logos — we can do everything from creating amazing graphics to refining your branding guidelines and revamping your website design.

Graphic Design

Graphics Matter

Graphic design doesn’t have to be boring. Whether it’s print or digital, our graphic design team wants to build an image for you that will last. Your vision is our mission.

Our team will listen to yours. We’ll hear out your goals, your ideas, your target audience, and your wants. Using these, we’ll create graphics that not only catch the eye of your audience but also meet your marketing needs and ensure a cohesive brand identity.

Logo Design

Logos You Love

With us, your branding will be rebuilt and modeled the way you need it to be. Your logo should stand out, and in turn, your business will too. We’ll meet you at the drawing board!

We’ll work closely with you every step of the way — from choosing your color palette to refining your logotype. After all, your logo is the biggest visual representation of your brand. Our team will make sure you receive beautifully created logos that accurately reflect your brand’s vision and identity.

Branding Guidelines

Representation at Its Finest

Your business operations need to be consistent and always demonstrate what your company does, stands for, and cares about. Let’s catch the eye of your desired audience and more.

If you want a cohesive brand identity, refining your branding guidelines is a must. The KCM team will help you create a set of rules and standards, not to limit your creativity, but instead to keep your designs and branding consistent, easily recognizable, and an accurate representation of who you are.

Website Design

Simplistic Design, Serious Impact

A lack of a business website in the digital age is an immediate loss for your business. At the same time, an outdated and badly designed website is just as much of a travesty. 

Beautiful website designs help make a better first impression with your audience. However, if you want your visitors to stay longer and keep coming back, you need a thoughtfully designed website — one that considers not just looks but the overall user experience.

Our group of designers will build your website with purpose in mind while focusing on making easy navigability a priority. We aim for visually pleasing aesthetics and functionality all in one place.

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    Website Hosting and Migration

    Speedy & Secure Website Hosting

    Are you looking for a reliable and affordable way to get your website online? With website hosting, you can have your own online presence without the hassle of managing a physical server. Leave the hard work to us!

    Website Design

    Transform Your Digital Presence

    Key Concepts Marketing provides assurance that your website will be professional, modern and engaging. Our team specializes in creating websites that are optimized for viewing across all devices.

    Social Media Ads

    Capturing Your Perfect Audience

    Let us help your business quickly reach potential customers, direct them to your website or social media pages, and entice them to purchase products or services offered.